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Babylon Fire  - The Day The Angels Died

review by Rob S  - added 26/02/2010

Neither utterly mired in the fire and brimstone (not to mention the leather trousers) of the eighties metal scene nor quoting exclusively from the page of At The Gates, upcoming five piece metal mob Babylon Fire inject their melodic, trad metal foundations with an overdose of Pantera-esque power groove and a few choice breakdowns, creating something rather tasty for observant UK metal fans to keep their peepers on. Each of the four tracks on debut EP ‘The Day the Angels Died,’ is guaranteed to get some heads nodding and manes flying; as you’d expect from a band still taking their first steps into the music world there’s plenty of room for future refinement, but we’ll put that aside for now... every track on here is up on the band’s MySpace page, so it’s definitely worth your while to take a look.

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