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Goodbye Stereo  - The Cellars, Southsea

review by Matt B  - added 07/03/2011

Goodbye Stereo - The Cellars, Southsea - 24/02/2011

Having had a while being out of the game it did make you wonder what Goodbye Stereo had been doing after their regular gig slots. Broken up? Selling their bodies to reality TV? Joining the rap scene? Thankfully none of these things, well perhaps the latter is slightly true with one of the members taking the identity of ‘The Jackal’.

Instead of all of the above, these five guys have been creating their new sound; with a new release on the cards they took their indie-pop creations on a mini tour that reached the height of any musicians dream when they headlined the Liverpudlian home of The Beatles, The Cavern Club. Following this, a headline set in Islington and tonight’s support slot in The Cellars in Portsmouth proved they were well ready to return.

A half an hour slot filled with tracks both old and new came across very professional and well practised. With an indie pop sound that is more than quite in at the moment, these songs would easily fit prime time Radio One.

It was this night in Portsmouth where old songs that had taken a back seat in the Goodbye Stereo set before this “break”. ‘I’m just a robot’ and ‘Sunstroke’ made an appearance once again with the more refreshed and new Goodbye Stereo sound squeezed into them. It appeared that changing the sound of the previously recorded tracks brought all of the songs they played both new and old together, they all seemed to indifferently flow better with no stops and starts. What they have dropped is the kind of Math-Rock influences (think Data.Select.Party etc.) and brought in more of the pop that really does suit the boys, they’re just smooth, like ice…?

Other songs in this fun filled set were ‘The Preview’, ‘Run Boy Run’, the crowd’s favourite ‘Light Years Away’ and their new single, decided by their fans on Isle of Wight Radio, ’Sweetheart’. A set which was certainly packed with more fun and games than the red coats at Butlins could manage. Overall, despite the lack of some songs like ‘Greenest Eyes’ and ‘Knock a Door Run’, I can’t really complain from only a half an hour set.

The future is looking bright for this band, with the release of ’Sweetheart’ and another tour at the start of summer, including a VERY special potential hometown show, you would be stupid to miss this band. The future’s bright, the future’s Goodbye Stereo.

Rating out of 10
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