Welcome to the promotion section of this site! As any music zine owner will know, promoting your site takes a lot of time and effort. That's why I'm asking YOU (very nicely) to help out! If you're the type of person who's in band street teams and enjoys promoting their music, then you'll be perfect for getting the Rock Pulse word out! This could involve anything from a simple banner in your forum signature to handing out flyers at your favourite gigs.


Copy the code to the right to have these pictures show live Rock Pulse stats and info on your website!

<a href="http://www.rockpulse.co.uk"><img alt="Rock Pulse - Rock Music Magazine" src="http://www.rockpulse.co.uk/dynamic/rockpulsestats.aspx"/></a>
<a href="http://www.rockpulse.co.uk"><img alt="Rock Pulse - Rock Music Magazine" src="http://www.rockpulse.co.uk/dynamic/rockpulselatest.aspx"/></a>


First of all, here's a simple banner that you could add to your signature/pictures on myspace etc, you can either right click and 'save as' to your own computer.

Rock Pulse Music Zine

If you use this banner (or a text link etc) to link to Rock Pulse off your site, email me and I'll add a link to back to your site.


If you're extremely helpful and would like to hand out flyers at gig, I have created a 'promotion pack' in the form of a winzip file for you to download. This includes 2 .jpg files, one of which is colour, the other is black and white, each with 5 flyers in. They are ready to print off on a portrait A4 page. Here is a sample of what the current flyers look like (they get updated as more interviews are added to the site). If you want to help give these out, then just click the link below to get downloading!

Download Promotion Pack!

If you'd rather save your ink and if you haven't got the time to cut them out, just email me with your name and postal address and I'll send some ready-made ones to you!


Word-of-mouth is always really helpful so if you know of anyone who might like this site, please tell them! This also goes if you know of a band who might want to be featured here, or if you know of a site who might want to do a link exchange. Any help is appreciated!

If you have any ideas of ways to promote Rock Pulse, please email me and let me know!