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The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent @
The Rugeley Rose @
Birmingham Academy @
Wolves Civic @


Allister @
Benign Myth @
Blacktop Coalition @
Bowling For Soup @
Colour of Fire @
Cult of Luna @
Day1Songs @
Dead Poets @
Dietbliss @
Elviss @
Endevour @
Fixer @
Funeral For A Friend @
Frozen Rain @
Future Kings of Spain @
Glasseater @
Good Cop Bad Cop @
Graveltrap @
Home Grown @
InMe @
Kiss The Dawn @
Mixtwitch @
Mondo @
Motion City Soundtrack @
Nerf Herder @
Never Heard of It @
Not Katies @
Numnutzz @
OK Go @
Pralay @
Raised By Animals @
Raising Sand @
Rapier @
Reuben @
SeraphimXero @
Silverstein @
SolaBeat Alliance @
Sonic Boom Six @
Spike Ivory @
Sugarcult @
Taking Back Sunday @
The Bazookas @
The Darkness @
Thulium @
Trip Lizard @
Tsunami Bomb @
UmbraE @
Whitmore @

Unsigned Bands

5FD - 4 piece, self proclaimed 'Sheffield's fattest band'.
Second Best - Portsmouth trio.
This Burning Opression - 4 piece, impressive site.
Ostracoda - Talented 5 piece from Norwich.
The Ronis Brothers - Bizarre yet intriguing Minneapolis trio.
Nymph - 4 piece from Birmingham.
Kiss My Hyphen - Midlands based 5 piece.

Music zines

Paradiddles, Plectrums and Posers - a music showcase website for UK & US guitar bands & associated small independent businesses
Moon Music
This Is Not TV
Drowned In Sound
Raw Nerve Promotions
Rock Midgets
Black Velvet Magazine
Rock Matrix: Music Inspired Living
Organ Zine
Just Wanna Rock <- Where I started!


Nitro Records - Home to The Offspring, AFI, theStart, Rufio, The Vandals.
Moon Ska Europe - Home to Whitmore, SBA, Graveltrap, Farse, [spunge].
Drive-thru Records - Home to NFG, Allister, HomeGrown, SoCo, Finch, TEN.
Victory Records - Home to Catch 22, Count the Stars, TBS, Silverstein.
Smallman Records - Home to Moneen, Choke, Small Brown Bike, Selfmademan.


         - - -   -  Guitar Tabs Explorer - Learn to play your favourite songs on guitar with tabs, chords and video lessons.

Hip Hop Samples - MPCsounds offers hip hop samples for Akai MPC drum machines.
Yellow Lime - great photography site.
Music Production - ModernBeats Hit Talk teaches online music production to aspiring musicians and music producers.
Home Cinema - Richer Sounds - The UK's Hi-Fi, Home Cinema & Flat Panel Tv Specialists!
Capoeira DVDs - Virtual Capoeira -- the most comprehensive Capoeira Store and Capoeira Community online. Find Capoeira pants, Capoeira videos, Capoeira music, and berimbaus! Search schools, rate DVDs and CDs, and watch free video clips on how to play the berimbau.
Blu-ray Disc - TapeOnline offers Sony, Maxell and TDK Blu-ray discs, including rewritable and dual layer BD's.
Backstage Passes
Listen To Our Band - Dedicated to unsigned bands and indie music.
I Like Badges - Online badge making business based in Leeds.
Download Black Eyed Peas Music - Browse music downloads by featured artists or by most popular downloads by genre only at
Audio Plexus - State of the art mastering studio, London.
Cypher Styles - Hip-Hop Dancing, Break Dancing, Rap Music Videos, Online Video Store
Nu Tunes - Bios and music for bands/promotion
Hip Hop Rap Beats Producer - Hip Hop Rap Beats Producer.
Music Producer Production - Music Producer and Production services for all your demo needs.
Kronodale Electric Guitars - Kronodale electric guitars manufacturer and accessories
Lyrics - Loads of lyrics!
Rate - Find highly rated rock bands and songs with lyrics
Mobile Underground - Online store for handpicked independent hip-hop and electronic music
The Volts Show - Brilliant internet radio station featuring unsigned bands
Mosquito Media - Home of the brilliant 'Greatest Music You've Never Heard' CDs
Bear and Booth - Promo clothing, pins etc
Monsoon Radio - Online Radio Station
IntoMusic - Download music
Photo 2000 - Brilliant live photographs.
Punk Information - Punk Directory.
Old Del Passo - Live band photographs. - Free web submission.
Kamikaze Shots - Home to the Official BFS forums.
Wolfshead - London-based alternative club nights.
DPRP - Lots of links!
Fret Play - Faster tablature search.
Music World - Music Resources Directory.

TAXI: the world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.

The eZINESearch® Directory/List  contains over 5,000 periodically published electronic magazines.      

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