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There's a new Word Geek in Town

02 February 2010

Dear Editor,

Having read the letter from The Word Geek regarding the origins of the word "news," I found myself incredibly frustrated - of course, he is right, North, East, West, South is a ridiculous notion - but acronyms are NOT, as he states, "a 20th century-originated phenomenon." Case example - in the 19th century, when certain types of manure were shipped overseas, the methane build-up needed to be released, or else the gas could ignite because of a rogue gas lantern, thus they were secured on the deck, to be Shipped High In Transit - or S.H.I.T. It seems that our Word Geek is not the patriarch to the English language he makes himself out to be.

Jack Clemson

Thanks for that, Jack! It would seem you are the new Word Geek! - Ed.

The Word Geek Strikes

20 October 2009

After reading one of your columns, I came across a mistake that appalled me, my children and the forgotten Israelites of old, whose corpses I keep locked in my bathroom. I refer to the source and quote: ‘For those that don't know, the word "news" was created as an acronym for North East West South, so basically, all the areas around the central station in which they covered various topics.’

This explanation for a word origin such as News is preposterous and I cannot believe the ignorance displayed towards English word history. Gosh, if he’d care to study the etymology of the word ‘News’, he would discover that it actually came from the plural of ‘New thing’ and was first recorded in 1382 taken from the French ‘Nouvelles’. Articulating that it originated from an acronym is clearly impossible, as, ‘for those that don’t know’; acronyms are a 20th century-originated phenomenon and the word ‘Newspaper’ was first arrested in England in 1670. Thus, the word ‘News’ existed before acronyms did.

I write only to spread my knowledge and put Latinate souls at rest, Shakespeare would clearly be turning in his grave. As for me, I will continue to search for some fast love and sweet cheeks.

Best wishes,

The word geek.

Thanks for that, Word Geek! I now feel completely educated in the origin of the word 'News'. Hmm, maybe you should write for an online magazine or something... - Ed.

Golden Balls?

02 September 2009

Despite what they say, Dan from SBA does NOT have golden balls!

x Suzi x

That's right, it's all lies! Thanks to a certain incident with Rick, Dan, and a guitar string, light has been shed on this subject. Case closed - Ed.

Praise the Skiba!

29 July 2009

Um...realised I hadn't written a letter in a while, but I just wanna say that - alkaline trio are the bestest band ever ever ever and matt skiba is a god and I WILL marry him!!! teeheehee. Oh, and people need to leave good charlotte alone cos they rock. *nods* lots of love and kisses (and maybe a bit of naughtyness if ya lucky)...charlotte xxxxx

That's right! You WILL marry him! Just like I WILL marry Aaron Barrett! And we are NOT at all delusional! - Ed.

Promoting bands, what could be better?

26 June 2009

I just read suzi's article and girl you sound like one cool chik!! your story is a little similar to mine(with the hanging with guys thing and then meeting new people) and man i love life now too! i love meeting bands, and helping promote bands and things,its all so rewarding. it shows that you can do what you want when you put your mind to it. everyone on rockpulse and people ive met at shows rock and im so glad i know the people i know today. As always this sites kicking ass and im glad to be a part of it! later!! <3 Gina xoxo

I completely agree. I was going nowhere before I started interviewing bands! Now I finally have something to put on my 'extracurricular activities' list! - Ed.

FFAF vs LostProphets

12 June 2009

Hey this is so not funny. FFAF are the best band to come off of British shores for a long time. Way better than those lost prophet morons. Even though their welsh they still rock!!

Harry London.

This FFAF debate keeps coming back! A string of brilliant live reviews recently is certainly helping their popularity - Ed.

Where's the News?

15 February 2009

hello, i am writing to your fine website ma-bob to make a complaint about the news section, it hasnt been updated for over two months and for a well respected site like yours i find this unacceptable so either get it sorted or i will take my business else where. apart from that your site is very nice

from Barry (thats pronounced bar-re)

Well, Mr Bar-re, I will find our news guy and slap him until he gets back to work! Alternatively, if you want to help out with the news section/gig listings section, email me, thanks! - Ed.

Get Over It!

20 January 2009

I have to write a letter thanking sean for mentioning over it. Ryan brought them up to me as well and i love those guys theyre the absolute shit! go to amazon and buy their CD's!! Their street team is on EWO and ready to be used but the word needs to get out so thankyou sean for bringing them up. I love those guys! YC, AKA'a and LTJ put on a storming show here in glasgow and were all real nice! your interview rocked and im out! but remember people WWW.OVERITONLINE.COM check them out for sure!

<3 Gina xoxo

Thanks Gina! We need to support these great upcoming bands, so everyone get over to the Over It site sharpish! And I've got to agree, The AKAs, YC and LTJ; definitely one of the best gigs I've been to!

Good Charlotte Raters

15 December 2008

I just think it is not fair how people rate Good Charlotte. They hear one or two songs which they have had and just totally judge them. I think if a person is going to judge a band i think they should listen 2 a few of their albums and then make an opinion. In my opinion they are not pop u can clearly see that from both of their albums if you listen to them all the way through.

At the risk of having things thrown at me, I agree. Although Good Charlotte do tend to attract teeny boppers you could accidentally kill by stepping on them, does it really matter? I don't care what Good Charlotte are labelled as, I still really like them. Their new video 'Hold On' has made a lot of 'haters' look at them in a different light, so for that, Good Charlotte, we salute you! (Or at least some of us do) - Ed

To Be Or Not To Be (Melted)

12 November 2008

*clears throat*

cheese- better when melted or not? discuss....

i say melted, mmmm stringy goodness!!!

There are far too many cheeses in this world for me to pick a favourite, but I have to say that melted cheese is a food of the Gods! Unfortunately, one of my so-called friends once persuaded me go on a cheese bender, and ever since that night I haven't been able to look at cheddar in the same way. I hope this helps. - Ed

FFAF - Band Of The Month?

09 October 2008

You're kidding right, out of all the bands in the rock music world you choose this band of incoherent noise-mongers to be your band of the month. I mean please, after having to endure them three times in the past few weeks, seeing them support Maiden, I couldn't disagree more. And don't give the lame argument that they were the wrong band for Maiden's fans and that's why they didn't go down to well and all that crap, I've seen plenty of support bands booed incessantly by the fans but still play a blinding gig.

Funeral for a Friend's songs have no structure what so ever beyond, melodic bit, screaming, other type of screaming, melody and if they can remember, another screaming bit. Their lyrics (the one's I can make out anyway) sound like they belong on an early Radiohead album and their music sounds like about 20 songs all mashed together into 3 minute bursts of EMO-wannabe bull-pats. I don't doubt their musicianship, some of their riffs appear to be very technical and I commend them for their live performance from a technical point of view, but they all seem to be mangled together without any thought.

Why not choose a band of the month that isn't part of a flash-in-the-pan-its-cool-because-Kerrang!-said-so-sub-genre-of-a-sub-genre. Funeral for a Friend will take the predictable route of many other bands of this type, enjoy moderate success in Britain and Europe for about 12 - 18 months, release a second album to little or no interest because the Kerrang-Crowd have a new flavour of the week to worship and disintegrate into nothing. Best case scenario, a few hangers on go see them on their second established tour, then they disintegrate into nothing. Funeral of a Friend are way too fashionable for their own good, this has given them their success, it will also rob them of it.
Rant Over

Gaz, Sheffield

Ok that rant was obviously well thought out so well done and I'll leave it for other people to reply...what do you think? FFAF: incoherent noise-mongers or not? Who cares, I just love that phrase - Ed.

Incoherent Noise-Mongers Unite

04 September 2008

 Yes I agree that FFAF are incoherant noise-mongers! I thought I was the only one who had noticed how shite they are! Woo, I'm not alone!

Charlotte, Rock Pulse

Does ANYONE like them? - Ed.


06 August 2008

I just wanna say that I'm not a FFAF hater and I do like their music because its different to most bands out there, I like the fact they scream on it. Does anyone agree with me here?

We have a difference of opinion, finally! Anyone else? - Ed.

FFAF "can't pull it off"

09 July 2008

I’m not a hater of FFAF but I’m definitely not a fan. I can listen to music which involves screaming of some sort but in this case I agree, FFAF are incoherant noise-mongers. I don’t think they are anything special and are similar to many other bands at a similar stage in the industry. Emo/emo-core (whatever bands are labelled these days), I think the combination of styles FFAF are attempting has the prospect of being a good idea but they can’t pull it off. However they have been successful this year, someone must like them!

This could go on for a while...they have been very successful this year so I imagine quite a few people must like them - Ed.

Tiredness + Screaming = Not Good

18 June 2008

I'm glad im not the only one to not like ffaf too.. i went with jess to the interview, and while they are nice guys, i was pretty tired and hadnt heard anything of theirs before. And screaming when tired is not good. I wouldnt say i hate them, simply because i cant remember much at all, but at the time i didnt really like it. I would have been happy to curl up n go to sleep if it hadnt been for all the beer and sick on the floor... arnt shows the best!

Beer...if anyone has been to a gig and NOT had beer thrown over them I'd like to know so I can see what I'm doing wrong. - Ed.

All Hail Blink and their Ditteys

30 May 2008

I would just like to say, i got the new blink 182 album "blink 182" for my birthday and i have listened to it and what i heard i liked! I like the fact that its been recorded all over the place and over a while. And i can't wait till february, block 114 row H !!!!! woo!!!!!

X Suzi X

p.s. I love the blink site. I could spend hours just playing with those little ditteys at the top of the page...

Bands always seem to get more 'mature' as they release new day Blink are going to get sick of it and start singing about raping dogs again. Possibly... - Ed.

Never Heard Of Them?

29 May 2008

I think Never Heard Of It should get signed, they are an awesome band and they are reli nice people in general, whoop whoop, hope they tour UK often after february.


If anyone didn't know, Never Heard Of It will be supporting [Spunge] along with Graveltrap in February. Details can be found in the Gig Info section - Ed.

NHOI Mania

02 April 2008

Hey, im new to this site, and i just wanted to add on to the NHOI letter. The guys form such a dudey band, and are soooo great live, i saw them in october, and omg, am i glad i came across them! i think it would be really worth checking them out if u havent already heard of them (-hahaha never heard of it, not heard of them, ok thats sooooooooo not funny!) check out their site, they are coming back to the uk in february, if u can, check them out! yey!!

byede bye

kaylie p xoxo

I wonder how many people will be going to the Spunge gigs to actually see Spunge...- Ed.

Blink 182 - Disgrace?

19 March 2008

I personally am a huge Blink 182 fan but there are people out there who say they aren't punk and are a disgrace to music. They say their lyrics are all about girls and it has no meaning. I dont really know where this letter is going so....

I dunno. Yeah!

I see your point. Actually, no I don't, but Happy New Year - Ed.

SATS and yet more Cheese

23 February 2008

I was reading this weeks column by Kirsty, and as ever it was very entertaining and made me think. I agree 100% that teachers put too much pressure on students in the SATS examinations. Teachers tell you over and over from years 7-9 that the SATS are incredibly important. However teachers 'forget' to tell you that the SATS are put in place to test the national average of students at that age and also to test the quality of teaching to put on league tables, which every school has. Teachers place their pressure from the SATS on to the students they teach.

P.S Spreadable cheese rocks!

I agree, the first important exams you take are your GCSEs, so you may as well just see the SATS as a chance to practise exam procedure. If you're in years 7, 8 or 9, enjoy them because, unfortunately, the years afterwards are filled with a lot of work - Ed.

GC - The Great Debate

15 January 2008

I would like to welcome the newest member of Rock Pulse, Gina. It’s good to see another member of the Rock Pulse team who is obviously enthusiastic about writing, and anyone who is a NHOI fan can’t be bad either. I was just reading the latest article concerning Good Charlotte and my opinion on this matter is that I do not have anything against Good Charlotte, nor do I label them sellouts. I am aware they did not mean to become such a great success in such a short period of time and that it is not their fault they have younger fans. However, the release of 5 singles did not help matters. I feel this is far too many singles to release for an album and can be seen as many as a way of receiving great amounts of exposure and money. Another problem I feel Good Charlotte could have prevented was telling English fans at an English concert they did not like England that much, and on that occasion didn’t appear to want to be on stage, but this seemed to change in their latest tour in the UK which received good reviews. Perhaps Good Charlottes’ huge fame is short term and will end in the near future. Who knows?

I don't like using the term 'sell-outs'...most bands don't make a lot of money so if I was in a band and had the opportunity to make some extra cash, I'd definitely take it! - Ed.