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05/06/2011 Listeners like covers to expose a new meaning or feeling they missed from the original. Seana S. Go-->
16/02/2011 "All of these artists had to struggle in the beginning but in the end changed the face of music forever." Seana Go-->
20/07/2008 "I've witnessed a few bottlings in my time." Kelda Go-->
25/02/2006 "Wash your fringes with holy water now!" Kirsty Go-->
26/05/2005 "Lately I have been thinking about life." Kirsty Go-->
26/03/2005 "You can achieve much higher than that!" Jon Go-->
26/01/2005 "Today is different from yesterday..." Kirsty Go-->
19/01/2005 "It's a small world after all." Jon Go-->
03/01/2005 "The final toll will not be known." Jon Go-->
29/11/2004 "It's been a year to forget." Jon Go-->
21/11/2004 "Life is a tricky business." Kirsty Go-->
23/10/2004 "Are you lazy or distracted?" Jon Go-->
03/10/2004 "Oh yeh, the world's supposed to end tonight..." Kirsty Go-->
18/09/2004 "I was actually proud of parliament today." Jon Go-->
08/09/2004 "It's obvious now that we are the targets." Jon Go-->
08/08/2004 "You'd like to be shot by a giant would you?" Jon Go-->
25/07/2004 "He helped me, and I'll never forget him." Kirsty Go-->
14/07/2004 "Anyone ever payed tribute to a lump of rock?" Jon Go-->
27/06/2004 "Well done to Portugal." Jon Go-->
27/06/2004 "News comes in many forms." Kirsty Go-->
07/06/2004 "Isn't thinking a weird thing?" Kirsty Go-->
07/06/2004 "I know that my TV has been ruined." Jon Go-->
25/04/2004 "Trust is a weird thing." Kirsty Go-->
28/03/2004 "Everything changes... Even feelings." Kirsty Go-->
28/03/2004 "The French have had it pretty rough." Jon Go-->
13/03/2004 "Innocent people are yet again targeted!" Kirsty Go-->
18/02/2004 "Hurt and Love come hand in hand" Kirsty Go-->
08/01/2004 "Seriously: best days of our lives." Kirsty Go-->
28/12/2003 "Things happen, either for the good or the bad." Kirsty Go-->
07/12/2003 "Amazing film, such a great point." Kirsty Go-->
27/11/2003 "Opportunities. Fate. Twist of time..." Kirsty Go-->