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by Rhonda Boudreaux  - added 28/05/2004

Michigan Band "Suckerpush" to become part of International Music Compilation to Help Benefit The Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre in London, England


Kalamazoo, Michigan - Suckerpush just confirmed they would be included in the International Music Compilation "The Greatest Music Never Heard" Volume 1, to help benefit The Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre in London, England.

The process of elimination was pain staking for the Producers at Mosquito Media in London. There were hundreds of Independent artists and bands that sent their music in hopes to be involved in this project. Suckerpush's song "Dollar Sign Eyes" will be featured as one of the tracks on the CD. There will be 18 tracks on the CD with only 5 making it from the United States. The best of the best Independent bands and artists from all over the world were chosen on talent, lyrics and music.

"The Greatest Music Never Heard" Volume 1, will be released in England, Europe and the United States, becoming an International tribute to Independent artists. Suckerpush's band members feel that when there is a need for causes such as The Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre the music and imagery of musicians brings people together to find a way to help raise money and help bring awareness to needy causes. They feel honored to be part of this project and helping to raise money for such a needed cause.

The CD will be released on May 18th through an extensive campaign on UK National Radio stations, Television and print media by Mosquito Media followed by a showcase at the Cobden Club in Knotting Hill, London. Mosquito Media is working within the music industry in the States for a bigger push internationally.

For more information on the project visit:

Suckerpush Band Members:

Scott Moerman - Lead, Acoustic and Rhythm, BV, Harmonies and the driving force behind the band. Scott lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with his wife and new baby girl Emma Leigh

Sean Campbell - Percussion Sean lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Jeremy Diamond - Bass Guitar Jeremy lives in Mattawan, Michigan with his wife, 2 children and one on the way.

Chris Villarreal - Rhythm Guitar Chris lives in Dorr, Michigan

Brian Pitcole - Lead Vocals and force behind the lyrics, collaborating with the band on the music. Brian lives in Grand Blanc, Michigan

With the combination of 15 years of musical talent, Suckerpush has reinvented the style of a new generation. With over 500 shows under their belt, the band has wooed the regional music scene with their extraordinary music and powerful live performances rising from a collegiate following into making music that is entering in mainstream radio.

In 2004 the band started working with East Coast indie label CheapJag Records. The record label is succeeding with over 100 radio stations playing Suckerpush music and getting the band in gear for an East Coast Summer tour promoting their new release, "Reminiscing".

The film industry is also taking notice of Suckerpush's rising phenomenon, 2 songs are seriously being considered to be included on the soundtrack of the upcoming Londinium Film "Kalamazoo" and the upcoming film by Richard Hoblock, "The Bear".

Suckerpush released their 1st CD "L.P" in early 2002, and the follow up "Reminiscing" in 2003.

For more information on Suckerpush visit:


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