06/04/2010 - New Reviews

A very quick update, just to let you know that we have loads of new Reviews: Blackwater James, Dreadzone, Ocean Bottom Nightmare, Les Chats Persians, The New Cities, Glass Artery, Ictus and Justin Sandercoe! We'll have more reviews, interviews and unsigned bands coming soon! Also welcome Flight of the Conchords as our slightly different Band of the Month for April, a celebration of them heading to the UK soon.

13/03/2010 - Mammothfest + New Reviews!

A few new things for you today! Check out the News section to read all about Brighton's new Metal Festival as well as some new EPs. We've got a new article from Rob S: Big Scary Monsters – The ’10 Collection. We also have loads of new reviews thanks to Amy, Rob S, Mark and Louise: Mlini, Nathan Clarke, New Riot, Fear No Fish, The Smoking Rolo Sideshow, We Are Animal, Thedealwasforthediamond, Doll and The Kicks, Aye Aye, Perhaps Contraption, Saints of Eden and Protobaby! Make sure you check them out, more to come!

06/03/2010 - New Interviews

We've got 4 new interviews for you today all courtesy of Rob S - Ryan Bartek, author of The Big Shiny Prison, Sussex based producer/engineer Nick Kinnish, and Ali Ross from Cars on Fire and Nick Kozuch from The October Game. Enjoy!

26/02/2010 - New Reviews

Another quick update! Check out the Reviews page to read about The James Cleaver Quintet, Don Berglund's Tonbruket, Echoes Fall, We'll All Be Heroes, The October Game, Babylon Fire and Knievel Genius!

12/02/2010 - Fightstar Review

A very quick review tonight - Rob S has done a live review of Fightstar at the Brighton Concorde, make sure you check it out!


08/02/2010 - New Reviews

A quick update with some new reviews: Aneurysm June, Muse, Juke, Karnivool, Djevera and Everything We Left Behind. We also have a new Staff Member, everyone say hi to Louise!

25/01/2010 - New Interviews + Reviews!

A few new things for you! Check out our interviews with Daisy Cutter and Lostprophets, as well as some new articles by Rob S: The Big Shiny Prison : Ryan Bartek and Elvis at 21: From New York to Memphis. Finally we have loads of new reviews: Paul Ortiz, Candella, Velvet Star, Limozine, Benjamin Shaw, Nosferatu D2, Ahoora, Kyra, The Porn Issue and Tenpoint!

29/12/2009 - New Reviews and Interviews

Hope everyone is having a festive and drunken Christmas break! We have a few updates for you - go to the Interviews page to read what Kiya and Rob S got to talk about with Deadbeatz Inc, Dan Weller, and Broken Links. Also, we have loads of new reviews for you: Kobayashi, Extreme O.D., Broken Links, Speak and The Spells, Amorist, Riot:Noise and Paramore!

05/12/2009 - New Interviews + New Reviews!

Loads of new stuff today! Check out the Interviews page to read what Poison the Well, Nephu Huzzband and The Mad Shepherd had to say! We also have loads of new Reviews: Pint O' Spirits, Tenet, The Dawn Chorus, Lostprophets, Reavens, Fried Egg Records, Joe Becker, Motorcycle Display Team, Shield Your Eyes, El Dog, Avosetta, Le Monnier, Virtual Humans, Otherness, Paul Ortiz, The Cribs, and Junkyard Morning! We also have a new Unsigned Band, Pint O' Spirits.

24/11/2009 - Check Out Talent Agency WannaBeHere

Just a quick update to say please check out WannaBeHere, a Talent Agency for WorldWide Talented People!

16/11/2009 - New Reviews and Interviews!

We have two new interviews for you today: Rob S interviewed Sights and Sounds with guitarist Adrian Mottram, and Shabby Rogue with drummer Terry Green. Also, new reviews: Capelle's Money Now, Money How, Money When, The Mad Shepherd's DEMOlition, Isolated Atoms' Tell Me What I want + Here I Go, Common Deflection Problems' Naked, and Richie Syrett's Self Titled. We also have a new Unsigned band, The Red Show (pictured). Enjoy!

07/11/2009 - New Reviews & Green Day Article

A quick update - we have 4 new reviews from Rob S - Last Letter Read's 'These Stories Roll', Daisy Cutter's Demo, Heights' 'The Land, The Ocean, The Distance' and The Junk's 'Novus Ordo Seclorum'. Rob has also written a new Green Day Article on the current art exhibition, enjoy!

27/10/2009 - New Reviews & Funeral For a Friend Interview

As you can see, we have a new Funeral For A Friend interview thanks to Rob S, make sure you check it out! We also have lots of new reviews for you: see what Rob S and Mark think of Apollyon and Red Mist, and read Rob S' other reviews too - Sanjuro, Azrock and Pogo, Candella, and Cernan. Amy has also reviewed Stuart Newman, Sworn to Oath and Lounge Fly!

11/10/2009 - New Interviews + New Reviews!

Loads of new updates for you today! We have two new interviews for you: Kiya has interviewed Katy Rose (pictured), and Rob S spoke to El Dog. We also have loads of reviews for you, make sure you check out what Rob S thought of Itchy Poopzkid, We Know Mason, Red Mist, The Motherload, MARVEL, and theWhite Air Extreme Sports and Music Festival. Danni's reviewed Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls, and Amy's reviewed Wolvves by Eaststrikewest. Finally, there are new Gig Listings, make sure you take a look!

14/09/2009 - New Reviews and Unsigned Band!

Loads of new reviews today! See what Rob S and Amy thought of the following: Vernon Neilly & Friends' A Tribute to Stevie Wonder, The Xcerts and Telegraphs' gig at Brighton Concorde, Hillsong's C.I.T.Y, El Dog's The Lamps of Terrahead, three tracks from The Arcane Parade's EP, Simon Pollard's Revolution album, Alita's Curse's In Your Bones single, Metonia's demo, and Revengine's Plan Your Escape EP. Also, check out our newest Unsigned Band, Lounge Fly. That's it for now!

30/08/2009 - Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster Interview + New Reviews!

A few things to tell you about today. First of all, Rob S has interviewed Dallas Taylor from Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, make sure you check that out. We also have new reviews - Rev 78's Could Have Been A Dancer, LoveHateHero's America Underwater, Mlini's The Mlini EP and Deadlegs' Demo 2009. You can also read about how you can enter a school-aged regional rock competition thanks to Lincoln-based guys Nicholas Crossland and Ben Smith, in Amy's article, Young and Rocking. That's it for now!

16/08/2009 - New Reviews and Slaves To Gravity Interview!

We have a new interview thanks to Kiya, with Slaves to Gravity, so make sure you check that out. We also have new reviews - Draw Me Stories' EP The Sky and the Mirror, Cinders Fall's The Reckoning, None The Less' The Way to Save Ourselves, and Goodbye Gadget's Because, I'm Not Myself You See. There is also more info about the Offset Festival Line up in the News section.

10/08/2009 - New Reviews & Believer Interview!

A quick update - we have 3 new reviews for you - Mothertrucker's album 'Dark Transmi55ions', Trail's single 'Prism', and The Glide's album 'A Future For The Dead. We also have an interview with Kurt Bachman from Believer, thanks to Rob S!

03/08/2009 - New Reviews and Interviews!

Loads of new interviews today! Amy has reviewed the new single by Otherness, Mark has given his thoughts on Omega Lithium's 'Dreams in Formaline' and Emil Bulls' 'Phoenix', and Rob S has reviewed Call the Doctor's 'Dockside Demo', The Donde Stars' 'America/Nothing At All' and Jan Zehrfeld’s Panzerballett's 'Hart Genossen von ABBA bus Zappa'. We also have two new interviews thanks to Rob S - Bobby Thompson from Job For a Cowboy and Iranian band The Yellow Dogs!

21/07/2009 - New Reviews & Interview!

We have a new review from Amy, check out what she thought of The Whisky Works' CD 'Deficit Attention Program' here. We also have a new review from Marc S, see what he thought of Sapphire Burning's Self-titled EP. Mark has also reviewed two CDs - I Remember Tapes' EP C45 and Grantig's album Medizin. We also have a new interview with Brighton band Tenek thanks to Suzie, and a new Unsigned Band in the form of Otherness from Argentina.

08/07/2009 - New Reviews, Photos and Unsigned Band!

We have three new reviews for you today, Amy has reviewed three tracks by Metonia, Rob S has reviewed No Time To Bleed by Suicide Silence, and Marc S has reviewed Trigger's Furious Times. We have new Overreact Photos thanks to Suzie, and Trigger is also our new Unsigned Band!

28/06/2009 - New Interviews, Reviews and Kerrang Photos!

We have loads of new stuff for you here at Rock Pulse, so make sure you hang around for a while to check it all out. First off: new interviews - Kiya has interviewed The Lyre Effect and new staff member Amy has interviewed Pistola Kicks. We also have new reviews from Rob S - check out what he thought of Voivod's Infini album and Coalesce's Ox album. Marc S has also shared his thoughts on the Shinedown gig at the Electric Ballroom and Gaslight Anthem's single The 59 Sound. Check out the News page for new gig information and a video from Enter Shikari, and you can now read about the latest members of the Rock Pulse team at the Staff page - welcome Amy, Suzie, and Matt! There is a new Unsigned Band in the form of Sapphire Burning, remember to email us if you want to be featured there too. And also we have photos from Rob from the Kerrang radio live show featuring Fightstar, In Case of Fire, Ladyhawke, Madina Lake, Maximo Park, Manic Street Preachers, Theory of a Deadman and Youmeatsix. That's it for now!

26/06/2009 - New Reviews!

Just a quick update - we have three new reviews for you: read Mark's thoughts on The Ascension's Last Fall EP, Amy's thoughts on The Unfortunate Incident's Build Your Own Ark album, and Danni's thoughts on Che's recent show at the Bromsgrove Carnival! Also, check out the News page for info about new deluxe versions of classic Black Sabbath albums!

09/06/2009 - Oh No Not Stereo Interview & New Reviews!

We have a brand new interview with Oh No Not Stereo thanks to Danni, make sure you check it out! She's also reviewed Acoda's EP Characters and the recent Allbright gig in Birmingham. Still loads to come on Rock Pulse, keep checking back or join the mailing list at the bottom of the menu :)

07/06/2009 - New Reviews

We have four new reviews for you today! Rob S has reviewed Oh No Not Stereo's '003' album, OfeliaDorme's EP, 'Sometimes it's better to wait', Devin Townsend's 'Ki' and Telegraphs' 'We Were Ghosts'. Check them out! There is also some Fight Star news in the news section! There'll be another update in the next few days with more reviews, interviews, and photos.

31/05/2009 - Loads of New Reviews!

We have a ridiculous amount of new reviews for you today thanks to staff members Kiya, Mark, Rob S and Marc S. Head to the reviews page to check out what they thought about Maleficent, Revengine, Marmaduke Duke, Aiden, Innocent Rosie, The Arusha Accord, Taken Advantage, The B of the Bang, Melodramas, Whisper in the Riot, and Give It A Name!

17/05/2009 - New Interviews & Loads More!

We've got loads of new updates for you! First of all, two brand new interviews thanks to Rob S. Make sure you check out what happened when he met In Case Of Fire and Fightstar! We also have loads of new reviews; check out what Rob S thought of Hatebreed's album For the Lions, as well as live gigs from Fightstar and In Case Of Fire! Kiya's also done a live review of Madina Lake, and Mark's reviewed the Kitch club night at London's East Village. More to come!

09/05/2009 - Saving Aimee Video Interview & New Reviews!

Thanks to Danni we have a brand new video interview with Saving Aimee! We also have two new reviews thanks to Rob S, Sucioperro's 'Pain Agency' and The Eyes of a Traitor's 'A Clear Perception'!

05/05/2009 - New Reviews & New Interview

We have three more reviews for you! Rob S has given us his thoughts on The Tupolev Ghost's new self titled album, and Danni has reviewed Rev 78 - Us Against Them and Uncaused Creation's EP. We also have an interview with a new band, Creatures, thanks to Andrew Pereira, so make sure you check that out! New Gig Listings are now up too thanks to Danni!

03/05/2009 - New Reviews!

We have four new reviews for you today: Mark has reviewed Ricky Warwick's album Belfast Confetti, and new staff member Rob Sayce has interviewed Gallows' album Grey Britain, Your Demise's album Ignorance Never Dies, and Fightstar's album Be Human. Check them out!

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