19/04/2011 - King's X Photos

We've got a few new photos for you in the photo gallery, including American prog metal band 'The King's X' from the Wulfrun in Wolverhampton.

As always, get in touch if you're in a band and would like a review or interview!

18/04/2011 - The Shanklin Freak Show Interview

Grabbing The Shanklin Freak Show from their earth base on the Isle of Wight after the release of their first of a planned EP every 3 months for 2 years, we talk to Mr Strange and find out about the steampunk circus freaks.

09/04/2011 - Cap In Hand - Songs From The Horses Mouth Pt. 2

Brighton band Cap In Hand release their new EP 'Songs From The Horses Mouth Pt. 2' on the back of acclaim for Part 1 we check out the EP to see if further credit is coming their way.


28/03/2011 - Conquistadors – On Tape EP

Inventiveness of ideas and in sounds comes on the 'On Tape EP' from Birmingham band Conquistadors. Clever, unique and always intriging we check out this new release.

22/03/2011 - Down The Machine – Losing Faith

Debut single 'Losing Faith' from Down The Machine sets the marker for a great band for now and the future.

19/03/2011 - Snailhead – Eating Animals EP

Snailhead with his new EP 'Eating Animals' shows that lo-fi hi-fi DIY is a valid future direction for artists.

14/03/2011 - The Pigeon Detectives – Done In Secret

The Pigeon Detectives give a taste of what gems their forthcoming third album ‘Up, Guards And At ‘Em’ will contain with their new single ‘Done In Secret’.

12/03/2011 - Chronic Narcosis

Death metal/rock grooves of San Francisco metal band Chronic Narcosis suggest good things ahead with the tracks submitted to Rock Pulse, read why we think so.

12/03/2011 - Spawn Atomic - 4 track Retro Future sampler

Horror Punks Spawn Atomic give a sampler and taste of what their album 'Retro Future' has in store for us.


As the Brighton music scene goes from strength to strength we talk to IAM:YOURHERO's frontman Jacko Hooper about the band, as one of those bands making a stir and what it is like being part of this new wave of artists.

10/03/2011 - Revenant Dead – Two Evils

With their second album 'Two Evils' Birmingham band Revenant Dead unveil a fusion of metal across the sub genres that is distinct and satisfyingly enterprising.

10/03/2011 - Calling All Astronauts – Living In The Shadow Of The Red Flag/Someone Like You

Call All Astronauts let the world taste 2 tracks before unleashing their debut album.

09/03/2011 - Latest Rock News

Apologies for no news last week, see the news page for the latest rock news.



05/03/2011 - Dropkick Murphy's - Going Out In Style

The Bostonian Irish-punks are back with another round of Celtic tinged punk rock in new album "Going Out In Style" check out the review.

05/03/2011 - Of Former Fame – Among Us

Oregon Band Of Former Fame release their debut album 'Among Us' to growing acclaim and interest, we check out why by looking at their release.

04/03/2011 - Ulterior – Wild in Wildlife

London band Ulterior have massed a large and growing army of fans and now with their debut album 'Wild In Wildlife' they are looking to take on the music world with new exciting sounds. Find out if they have come up with something to excite.

26/02/2011 - My Preserver – Revolutions In The Head

Already award nomination April soon comes the release of 'Revolutions In The Head' from London based My Preserver. Find out why they have already garnered praise and enthusiasm for their debut album.

26/02/2011 - Chalk and Cheese - Europe (support from Voodoo Johnson) – UK Birmingham Academy 18/2/2011

"I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, failing memory, or a growing trend at rock gigs but support bands are getting stronger and stronger.

I recall back in the mid eighties it wasn’t unusual for boos, heckles and bottles to see off all but the most dedicated support acts back to the dressing room.

At first I did fear for Voodoo Johnson – although not spring chickens, they are an up and coming local band, having released one LP and one EP to critical approval - “best debut since Appetite for Destruction” probably being the most outlandish claim made for 2010’s admittedly impressive 10,000 Horses."

See what else Tobester has to say about Voodoo Johnson and Europe - 'Chalk and Cheese' - here!

As always, email us if you want your music reviewed!

24/02/2011 - Rock news for this week

A little later than usual, this weeks news update includes Funeral For A Friend, The Sword, Thursday, Frank Turner & more. Check out the news page now.

23/02/2011 - Ian Bel – Fake Factory

Norwegian solo indie/rock artist Ian Bel, has already won over his homeland and with his video for the track ‘Slave’ receiving in excess of 90,000 hits and the arrival of his new album ‘Fake Factory’ imminent, the rest of the world is next. Rock Pulse takes a look at the album.....

21/02/2011 - Does It Offend You Yeah? – Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

It has been a long wait and highly anticipated wait but finally the dance/indie/alternative/punk .....masters are back with their new album “Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.” Free from label restraints they are rampant with great new sounds....find out how rampant they are.

20/02/2011 - XII Boar - XII

XII Boar make their debut with XII four tracks of promise and energy, check out the review for the lowdown.

20/02/2011 - DOWNLOAD 2011 - The Line Up - The Damned Things

So in a few months you'll all be heading to Download 2011, and to celebrate the Festival Tobester has been looking into the line up announced so far; see what he thinks of Ironiclast by The Damned Things. Over the next few weeks he'll be looking at the rest of the brilliant line up, so make sure you keep checking back to the site, or better yet, join the mailing list by using the form on the left.

If there are any Download bands you'd like to see featured, get in touch!

19/02/2011 - Review for new album by Cage The Elephant

Check out the review for Thank You, Happy Birthday by Cage The Elephant.

18/02/2011 - Innercity Pirates – Cutting Noses, Chasing Tails

If you only stop off to listen to one release this year, make it 'Cutting Noses, Chasing Tails'. The return of Russell Toomey with his new band Innerciry Pirates is possibly the most important thing to happen to music this year.  Read the review of their debut album.

16/02/2011 - Latest music news

This week featuing Queens Of The Stone Age, Against Me!, Sonisphere & Foo Fighters.



16/02/2011 - New Reviews & Column!

A quick update! First off, check out the columns page for a new piece by new staff member, Seana!

We also have some new reviews for you from Matt, check out the reviews page to see what he thought of Crucial Dudes, Well Wisher, and Angels and Airwaves!

As ever, if you want your music reviewing, send us an email.

15/02/2011 - At Any Time – Void

The second EP "Void" from Norwegian Band At Any Time has just been released find out why you should take a listen

14/02/2011 - The Shanklin Freak Show - Welcome To The Show EP

The industrial steam punk circus that is The Shanklin Freak Show have risen from their hidden domain with a new quest and EP. Find out what that means for us all.

13/02/2011 - Zsilent Z: Ordinary Joe/Twenty Miles

Check out two new tracks for Zsilent Z, raw and unpolished but with plenty of promise.

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