16/08/2011 - Long Day Fear 'Bones' Review

'From the off the self proclaimed influences are clear – Down and Clutch fans will be mightily impressed, as Long Day Fear marry the raw grime of Down with the groove of Clutch, while applying a Corrosion of Conformity style riff approach. And boy does it work - with knobs on.'

Read our review of their upcoming album 'Bones'...

Plus checkout Sondura's new video for their latest single 'You Remain', and if you haven't already, make sure you click our Facebook like button and receive regular updates from Rockpulse HQ!

12/08/2011 - Trivium 'In Waves' Album Review

Trivium In Waves Review Rockpulse Rock MagazineDeveloping their old thrash sensibilities whilst continuing the melodic exploration of 'Shogun' - 'In Waves' is another bold attempt to create a concoction of brutal metalcore with catchy vocal hooks. 

The title track executes this premise to perfection. A solid opener that highlights Matt Heafy’s now convincing vocal style, his combination of harsh growls and strong clean vocals have a powerful delivery that shines amongst a unified high level of musicianship.

Checkout Daniel's hot-off-the-press review of the awesome Trivium's brand new album... Never a dull moment at RockPulse!

11/08/2011 - The Cape Race Exclusive Interview

The Cape Race Interview with Rockpulse Rock Music MagazineRockpulse's very own Kirsty interviews Manchester based The Cape Race - and guitarist Matt Sayward explains why the band chose to give their new album away for free, how people have reacted to it, and what the band will do next.

We've also got a cracking review of Anzi Destruction's new album by our intrepid international correspondent Ana.  Part of the Rock scene since the 90’s, Anzi has been a member of the Plastic Trees (1999) and is former frontman of the Stereo Junks. 

07/08/2011 - Queensryche - Dedicated to Chaos Review

Quuensryche Dedicated to Chaos review - Rockpulse Rock Magazine 'Dedicated to Chaos is the latest instalment in a prolific run of releases for Queensrÿche, and unsurprisingly it demonstrates yet another change in musical direction for the band. However, with this release comes their most controversial record to date' - find out why in our Queensryche review from Rockpulse's new writer Daniel...

Plus checkout our gig guide for all the dates on the new UK and Eire tour from The Darkness. If their storming set at this years Download was anything to go by, this is not to be missed!!

27/07/2011 - Slash ft. Myles Kennedy Stoke Gig Review

Slash finally came 'home' to Stoke-on-Trent - and played a storming set with help from Myles Kennedy on vocals plus a carefully assembled touring band.

We review the gig, featuring songs from Velvet Revolver, Slash's Snakepit, Slash's solo record from last year plus of course classics from Guns'n'Roses such as Nightrain, Paradise City and the crowd favourite Sweet Child O'Mine.

We've also updated our Rockpulse Gig Guide - adding dates for Long Day Fear and the amazingly named Kamasupazundown...

23/07/2011 - Evan Russell Saffer Interview

Evan Russell Saffer for RockpulseEx-Fixer singer Evan Russell Saffer returns with his stunning debut solo album 'Neon Gas',  and takes some time out from filming his latest video to tell us all about his influences, plans for the future and strippers on subway trains.  Yup.  True!

Also this week, stunning Rock Pulse faves Orestea release a video for 'Ruthless' from their latest album 'Love Lines & Blood Ties'.  If you've yet to check out Orestea live, see our gig guide for details of their UK tour with Sondura this August and September.

Plus we've got news of Las Vegas based Moksha's latest album release 'Here to Go' produced by Grammy award winner James 'Bonzai' Caruso. 

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18/07/2011 - The Pigeon Detectives Interview

Rock Pulse has mellowed for a while - we've got a revealing interview with The Pigeon Detectives as our Matt caught up with them earlier this year at a gig in Bournemouth.

But it doesn't last long as we pick up the pace with a review of the long awaited new single from Blink 182 - in fact 'Up All Night' has been couped up for two years...find out if we like it here...

We've also updated our gig guide - there's new tours from Madina Lake, Exit Ten, Sondura, Orestea, Lostprophets, Thin Lizzy and Clutch.

15/07/2011 - Exclusive Heaven's Basement Interview!

Just days before Heaven's Basement's mainstage opening appearance at 2011's High Voltage Festival - where they share the bill with the likes of Black Country Communion and Dream Theater - drummer Chris Rivers takes a moment from rehearsing to answer Rock Pulse's questions. 

Find out why their recent UK tour with Jettblack was such a success in Tobester's interview...

11/07/2011 - Guilfest Lineup News

Guilfest 2011 NewsRock Pulse Magazine's Ana brings news of further additions to the line-up of the 20th Anniversary of the popular Guilfest Fesitival at Stoke Park, Guildford this weekend.

Also new this week is Part 3 of our Download 2011 Festival photo collection, thanks to Gina and her trusty camera, despite the rain!

Plus we have no-holds-barred interviews with Swedish death metallers Portrait and Dublin's Primordial - the latter due to be tearing up the stage at this years Bloodstock fessie.

If that wasn't enough, coming this month we've got news reviews and interviews with the new wave of British Hard Rock such as Heaven's Basement, Orestea and Living in a Valvestate plus Aussie grungers Grinspoon, U.S. strangesters My Son The Bum and ex Fixer vocalist Erin Russell Saffer...so bookmark Rock Pulse and keep checking back!

05/07/2011 - Introducing Harlet and Nitroforce9...

Rock Pulse Magazine's Ana brings you all you need to know about two bands new to Rock Pulse - Harlet (pictured), hailing from Newcastle UK, and Nitroforce9 all the way from Finland.

We've also got the second day's photos from Rock Pulse's recent jaunt to Download Festival 2011 - what a day that was - featuring the likes of Rock Sugar, Clutch, Sevendust and the mighty System of a Down.

01/07/2011 - New and Upcoming Releases - Featuring Heaven's Basement

Heavens BasementWe've got a tour bus full of new reviews - starring Heaven's Basement's Unbreakable EP (so good we reviewed it twice!) - plus new and upcoming releases by FlyByNature, The Salt Flats, Ana Lola Roman, Shoot the Dead and Forbidden Dreams.

30/06/2011 - Toon in to Orestea's Stunning New CD

Orestea Band PicIn their own words - "Buy our album, get it signed, get our E.P (also signed), A Keyring and an ORIGINAL PIECE OF ARTWORK DRAWN BY ONE OF THE BAND!" - Genius!

Click on the pic to find out more...

25/06/2011 - Gig Listings Update

Gig Listings updated - featuring Heaven's Basement, Sondura, Liquid Fuse, Lostprophets, Orestea, Rival Sons, Papa Roach, The Suzukis...

If you want your band included, drop us a line at editor@rockpulse.co.uk.

23/06/2011 - Liquid Fuse - Loaded Gun EP Review

'The rock-solid riff, the quality of the playing, and the exceptional song-writing hits you like a freight train'.  Read our review of the first release from Worthing based Liquid Fuse...

21/06/2011 - Hold Your Fire! - High Fives And Fist Pumps

  Punk band Hold Your Fire! release debut album High Fives And Fist Pumps as they take their melodic punk sounds to a wider audience. Rock Pulse takes a listen.

20/06/2011 - Friday at Download 2011 / The Retrospective

The first part of our Download Festival 2011 gallery is now online - checkout all the bands that appeared on mainstage on Friday - including Duff McKagan's Loaded, Black Stone Cherry, Alter Bridge and Def Leppard.  Friday really was a stunning day for classic rock fans!



Checkout Kirsty's review of the new single 'Starting with Tonight' by Cheshire based pop / rock three piece The Retrospective...

14/06/2011 - Karma to Burn / Sondura / Twin Lizzy

New for today - news of the sublime Karma to Burn plus up and coming gigs from Sondura and Twin Lizzy in our gig listings. 




Coming soon - we have exclusive pics from Download 2011 from Gina giving you a chance to re-live some key moments from this years Donington shindig...

14/06/2011 - Medusa – Can’t Fucking Win

 Medusa returns with a barrage of rock punk fury barely contained within their new album Can't Fucking Win. Rock Pulse takes a daring listen to a contender for the future of rock 'n' roll.

09/06/2011 - Download Festival 2011 Preview Part 3

With just hours to go, our bags are (mostly) packed, the VW is fuelled, and we can't wait for Download 2011 to kick off... here's part 3 of the Rockpulse Guide to Download Festival 2011.

*** STOP PRESS *** Met Office predicting sun Friday, sun Saturday.....and downpours Sunday....take your waterproofs!

07/06/2011 - The Tobester & Gs Download 2011 Preview Part 2

  Part 2 of Tobester and G's Download Preview - only 3 days till the first band is on...!

05/06/2011 - The St. Pierre Snake Invasion – Flesh EP

 Proving that rock music is in safe hands and is coming with a new breath of fresh air Bristol band The St. Pierre Snake Invasion release their debut EP Flesh. As expressive and colourful as their name the release is a addictive obsessive collection of sounds that Rock Pulse just had to delve into.

03/06/2011 - Avenge Vulture Attack- Renew

   With a new punk flavoured sound London band Avenge Vulture Attack release the Renew EP. Consisting of four attitude loaded pop punk tracks the band are ready to make the summer theirs with its release and shows throughout June and July.

02/06/2011 - Recent Rockpulse Highlights

Checkout the latest news of Band of the Month Black Stone Cherry, plus Sondura and Orestea in our news section.

We have a cracking interview by Seana with Jim Davies (Victory Pill, Prodigy, Pitchshifter) here...

And finally don't miss Pete's hot-off-the-press review of Those Dirty Words' Sitting Pretty EP in our latest rock review.

31/05/2011 - Those Dirty Words – Sitting Pretty EP

      From Lancashire, UK rock band Those Dirty Words release their 4 track 'Sitting Pretty' EP showing that they are more than able of transferring their famed live show energy to recordings of their rock 'n' roll sounds.

24/05/2011 - Tobester and Gina’s Guide to Download 2011

"Before getting into the nitty gritty of line-ups and band clashes, let’s get one thing straight. Download is mint. Awesome. Three days (minimum) of total immersion in rock new and old – a long weekend of exactly what you hope heaven will be. It’s not just the bands, or the huge crowd of like minded fans, or the beer – but the underlying sense of history both made and in the making."

Read more of Tobester and Gina's guide to Download 2011 here!

23/05/2011 - Quick And The Dead – For The Rhythm EP

    Previously Rock Pulse had the pleasure of reviewing a release from 'Marvel', now the band has returned with a new name of Quick And The Dead but with even greater pop punk sounds that form their new release the 'For The Rhythm EP'


15/05/2011 - New Photo Galleries

 A quick update for you! Thanks to Olly we've got some Asking Alexandria photos from the Birmingham O2 Academy, and thanks to Kaos Photography, we've got some photos of The Blackout (pictured left).

08/05/2011 - Sondura Review

We've got a new review for you thanks to Tobester: click here for his review of Sondura at the Rigger! “Entry £6. Beer £28. CD & T-Shirt £12. Bus fare home £3. Being one of the 40 in attendance quite possibly seeing the next big thing in British Rock – Priceless.”

We also have a new facebook 'like' button on the menu on the left, so if you like Rock Pulse, you know what to do! Thanks :)


07/05/2011 - The Ora - Tonight EP

Liverpool based 3 piece The Ora are soon to be releasing their debut studio effort Tonight later this year. Come in and see what we thought of it.

29/04/2011 - Long-Vue – Wrongs & Rights EP

 The debut 'Wrongs And Rights EP' from Manchester band Long-Vue shows great promise and future for the quartet of 14 year olds with their alternative rock sounds.

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